Sunday, November 28, 2010

blue blurred words tattoo haiku

life is very long
beautiful girl with tattoo
you will become old


Erkepoeten said...

My wife's father is one of the most respected tattoo artists in Europe. My view of that profession changed a bit after that. I like the title of this haiku - that is almost longer than the poem. Reminds me of one of my shortest pieces for solo-mandolin that's called: Jomfru Maria skrid yver vatnet Totak. (The Virgin Mary is walking over the lake Totak).

bill kilpatrick said...

i never understood the fascination of tattoos. illustrating to all, at a glance: where you were - who you were - what you did, etc. etc ... is bound to be something of an embarrassment in later life. i remember very well what i was like at 17 - i don't need (or want) a graphic reminder. to me, people with tattoos - romantics all - have this need to burn it into their skin to make it all seem real - as if living it day by day isn't enough.

Erkepoeten said...

I never had a tattoo, or felt like I wanted it, either. But most part of my family has actually got a tattoo, and some got many. Romantics? Maybe. The poem is - in my view - not only about having pictures burned physically into your skin, it's also a symbol for burning emotional images into the soul, dead pictures from the past that we cannot get rid of and that's getting uglier and uglier.